Frequently asked questions

How do I take a blood sample?

Collecting your sample is easier than you think. Once you have decided what you want to test, we will send you a blood collection kit with all the necessary things you need for taking out a very small blood sample.

The kit will have everything you need for collecting your blood and also a return envelope to send your sample to our laboratory.

You can have your sample sent to our labs in just three steps.

1. Prepare before sample collection
  • Fast for eight hours – take your test in the morning to ensure the results are accurate.
  • Get hydrated – drink 2 glasses of water at least 30 minutes before the test.
  • Soak your whole hand in hot water for 2-3 minutes until it is warm.
  • Get the blood flowing – undertake some gentle exercise or take a warm shower.
2. Collect blood
  • Get everything ready for the blood collection – remove cap from tube and place in the hole inside of the box.
  • Prick the corner of your finger – the best place to use the lancet is on the outer centre of your fingertip.
  • Massage your hand in a downward motion to direct blood to the pricked corner of your finger.
  • Stand while taking your sample – let gravity help you.
  • Fill the collection tube to the upper line marked on the side of the tube – if the flow stops, simply use a new lancet to prick the same or another finger. Please note that some tests require more blood than others.
  • Push the cap firmly on top of the collection tube and gently invert the sample to mix the blood with the anticoagulatory agent.
3. Label and post
  • Label and place collection tube in protective wallet.
  • Place labelled sample  in the return envelop.
  • Seal the mailer and post the same day from a post box.

If you follow the instructions included in the kit, you should not have any problems collecting your sample – on average 9 out of 10 customers were able to provide the sample first time.

If you are still having trouble collecting your sample, we are happy to help you. Click here to contact us and we will talk you through the whole process, identify your problems and send you a replacement kit if needed.

Unless you have any known circulation problems in your hands, based on our experience you should not have any problems collecting a tiny blood sample from your finger.

Taking a single test can often provide a great indication of your body’s current state. However by tracking your progress over a longer time period, you can gain even more insight and advantages. Not only are you able to see the direct impact of any lifestyle changes you make, you will also better understand the different results in relation to you specifically – as of course we are all unique. You will also be able to identify any potentially negative changes in your health early and therefore be able to take precautionary actions.

Although this can depend on different circumstances, our experts recommend to test your general health every three to six months in order to get the most accurate picture. Of course some professional athletes opt to track these values on a monthly or even weekly basis. Regular testing will allow you to see the impact any lifestyle or dietary changes have had on your health as well as get new personalised recommendations in your Health plan.

The Healthycheck subscription model provides an easy access to tracking your health:

All you have to do is select the interval at which you would like to receive your selected panel and we will take care of the rest.

All the laboratories that we work with are certified. This means that they meet all standards to the highest degree, both from a clinical and administrative perspective. Furthermore, these laboratories are subject to external, independent and third party verifications as well as regular audits

As soon as you have completed your order, your custom package will be shipped to you within the next business day via express post. When our laboratory receives your sample, it usually takes around 3 Business days, subject to the ordered test. If you have specific questions about an order or sample, please feel free to contact us directly by clicking here.

At Healthycheck, the safety of your data and the accuracy of our tests are our priorities. This is the reason why we only work with Swiss laboratories in order to guarantee the most accurate results as well fast deliveries.
In addition, the cost of our tests varies based on the Biomarkers you decide to control, different parameters requiring different machines and equipment.