About Us

We offer you a proactive management of your health with our simple, convenient and insightful products and services. Knowing what is going on inside of your body will help you assess the impact your lifestyle has on your health and guide you towards better overall health and wellbeing.

In order to improve your health you must first get a better understanding of how healthy your body currently is. We therefore created Healthycheck to provide a service that allows you to test and monitor your health on a regular basis directly from your home. Healthycheck enables you to have a deeper understanding of what your body needs. Together with your results and our specialised advice, we are excited to help guide you towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.
Gain a better understanding of your health now and take advantage of Healthycheck’s tools to improve your long-term health.

Comprehensive Range of Tests

We offer a large range of tests that cover various aspects of human health and are strongly dedicated to continue expanding our offering. We want to provide our clients with full support and are always keen to hear if there are any features you would like to see us incorporate in the future.

Accuracy & Reliability

Having a team with a vast background in medical diagnostics, we chose to only work with the best partners to provide you with accurate and reliable results. Please click here to learn more about our partner laboratories and their rigorous processes.

Data Privacy

Your privacy and the security of your data is of utmost importance to us and we therefore provide users with complete control over their data.

Customized to your needs

Our customers and their problems are the main focus during the development of our products and solutions. Your feedback is welcome and helps us improve our services.